Next Generation Fifth Wheel

Fuwa K-Hitch continue to make tracks all over the market with the introduction of their new Cast Fifth Wheel.

Born in the lab, made for the road, and ready to overtake on quality and price, the Fleet Master Cast Fifth Wheel is a first for Fuwa K-Hitch.

Featuring ISO patterned feet for easy interchangeability, it’s also rated at 200kn and suitable for both single trailer and B-Train applications. To make part identification and replacement easy and affordable, the locking components match current service parts in the fabricated range – saving hassle both on and off the road.

“Fuwa have taken known and trusted know-how and incorporated it their new era of fifth wheels,” says Market Manager Nathan Sheehan. Most importantly of all, the Fleet Master Cast Fifth Wheel keeps right on rolling. Subjected to a gruelling two million oscillations over two weeks in testing, it can withstand the equivalent of a decade of continuous service.

It’s a level of reliability that’s priceless on the road – and easy on the budget.

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